Our layer cakes range from 5 to 9 inches in diameter, depending on the serving size. Each one of our delicious creations is layered with 4 layers of butter cake, which are then sandwiched with luscious buttercream and a variety of different fillings.

5 inch 12.5 cm 8ppl

6 inch 15.2 cm 10ppl

7 inch 17.8 cm 12ppl

8 inch 20.3 cm 15ppl

9 inch 22.9 cm 20ppl

If you require your cake to feed upwards of 20 people, please get in contact with us directly via email - - to discuss your options.

Each cake will be placed in a secure cake box fastened with a lid.

When driving with our cakes, we suggest placing them on the front passenger floor of the car, or in the boot on a flat surface.

For best eating, please ensure our cakes remain out at room temperature for at least 1 hour prior to serving.




Our cakes are layered with all natural fillings, made from scratch in our pastry kitchen at Millstone.

We pride ourselves on using seasonal ingredients, sourced locally, while also importing our chocolate from Belgium and other pastry staples from France.

Our curds, are made with meyer lemons, and our pralines made from combining dark roasted nuts with a golden caramel.

While all of our signature cakes come ready to order, we are more than happy to work with you in creating your perfect flavour combination.

Please email us directly and we can design your cake together!

We also have a Vegan cake option available on our website, and are happy to work with you to develop further flavours.



Many of our cakes are adorned with a ganache or salted caramel drip. If you wish to customise a cake, or add this feature this can be done at an additional cost.


All of our fruits are locally sourced from local growers, and our edible flowers from the Yarra Valley. If you wish to add custom florals and larger blooms to your cakes, these will be at an additional cost. Please bare in mind that not all blooms and fruits are available all year round, but our dedicated pastry team will pick the prettiest options to adorn your cake.


Should you wish for us to custom design a cake especially for you, please email us directly!

Our macarons are made in house, and are able to be added on to any cake design.


Cake toppers are a great addition to your cakes, and can be custom designed especially for your event.

These beautiful toppers come in gold, rose gold, white and black, and add an extra sophistication to any cake.

*A customised white chocolate plaque comes included with all cake orders at Millstone